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ACT: April 19, 2017

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WHY THE ACT IS IMPORTANT: All students take the ACT Plus Writing exam in April of their junior year.  They are automatically registered for the test, so parents and students don’t need to worry about any paperwork, and the test is paid for by Montana Gear Up and the Office of Public Instruction, so a fee is not required.  ACT is a National College Admissions exam that tests English, Math, Reading, and Science with an optional Writing section.  This is a great Helena School District Resources ACT Additional Online Resources 2017opportunity for students to take a college entrance exam, at no cost, during the school day.  In addition to general admissions requirements, all colleges require students to meet minimum writing and math competency standards.  To enter a 4-year university within the Montana University System, high school graduates are required to meet the following standards:

*Math Proficiency: ACT math score of 22
*Writing Proficiency: ACT English/Writing score of 18 or if they                                   score 19 or higher on the Writing Assessment

See MUS admissions standards website here for more details.

TEST DAY:  This year the ACT will be given at the Helena Civic Center.   Students must arrive at the Civic Center and be in their seat no later than 7:45am.  Late students will not be permitted to test so be sure to arrive early! Students will need to go directly to the Civic Center as transportation to the test will not be provided.  However, a bus will be available for returning to HHS after the test.

Students should bring a photo ID, pencils, and  (optional) calculator.

Students should not bring any electronic devices (cell phone, iPOD, etc), backpacks, or food/drink.  Please leave your cell phone at home or in your locker.  You are not allowed to access your phone during breaks, so please don’t bring it with you.  Any student found with a phone will be dismissed from the test, and any phone that goes off in the testing room will result in the owner’s exam score being voided and may affect other examinees in the room.

Although calculators are not required for the math test, they are allowed.  We will not be providing back-up calculators for students who do not bring one to the test.  Refer to your study guide or the ACT website for a list of prohibited calculators (link below).  Please note that the TI-89 is the most common reason students are dismissed from the ACT for prohibited calculator use.
Prohibited Calculators

TEST PREP:  All students will receive test preparation information from their English teacher ahead of the test.  Free test prep is also available through many online sources:

ACT                                                                   Free ACT and SAT Test Prep

ACT Test Prep                                                 Princeton Review Test Prep

ACT and SAT Test Prep                                 Montana Career Information System

Reach Higher Montana                                Khan Academy

4 Tests Test Prep

AFTER THE ACT: Some students will choose to re-take the ACT and/or take the SAT.  Below are the testing dates for exams given over the summer.  Please note that students will not have received their scores for the April ACT test in time to know how to specifically prepare for the June ACT test, but taking it in June is an option.  Want a basic description of the similarities and differences between the SAT and ACT?  Check out this site.

ACT:  June 11, 2016 (registration deadline: May 6, 2016)

SAT: June 4, 2016 (registration deadline: May 5, 2016 for mailed registrations and          May 11, 2016 for online or telephone registrations.)

2016-2017 ACT Dates
September 10th  (registration deadline: Aug. 5th)
October 22nd     (Sep. 16th)
December 10th  (Nov. 4th)
February 11th    (Jan. 13th)
April 8th              (Mar. 3rd)
June 10th            (May 5th)

2016-2017 SAT (anticipated) Dates
October 1st        (registration deadlines not available yet)
November 5th
December 3rd
January 21st
March 11th
May 6th
June 3rd

Questions about the ACT?  Contact Gabby Clow!

(406) 324-2200


PSAT 10: April 5, 2017
Carroll College

WHY TAKE THE PSAT10:  The PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT are the same test offered at different times of year.  The PSAT 10 is an opportunity for sophomores (and only sophomores) to practice a timed test and see their results before taking the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall of their junior year.  (The only score used to qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship is the PSAT/NMSQT taken in their junior year.  All other tests are practice.)

REGISTRATION: December 5th – February 15th.  Register with the HHS bookkeeper, Dana Adamson, in the Main Office.

FEE: $18 (this covers the cost of the test, transportation, and a study guide.)

TRANSPORTATION: Students will be required to ride the bus to and from Carroll College.

Here’s the link to the online study guide.




REGISTRATION:  Registration for the 2017 PSAT will begin in the spring of 2017.  Check back next semester for more information.


Registration information is communicated to students and parents through the following methods: Daily bulletin, email, website, HHS newsletter, and HHS Reader Board.

For more information about the registration process, please contact the counseling center at 324-2220.