From the Principal’s Desk

Bengal Strong!

Check out this video from the drone’s perspective on how our students were Bengal Strong on Wednesday – November 9, 2016.  We couldn’t be more proud of them.

Graduation Rates

Helena IR article  – 1/13/2016

Students raise their hands during Caitlyn Watts’ government class Wednesday at the school. Statewide high school graduation rates reached 86 percent in 2015, with Capital High School registering an 89.70 percent rate this year, and Helena High School registering an 81.73 percent rate this year.

Weighted Grades…

During this week’s Board of Trustees meeting, several high school students and teachers expressed a desire for school officials to include weighted GPA’s.  An on-going debate around weighted grades has come to the forefront as a strategy to increase the number of students taking rigorous courses.  This is a healthy discussion and as we move forward, it is gratifying to know we care about education and are willing to take action.

IR Article

Helena Public Schools looking to implement weighted grading system for AP students – KXLH 1/15/16  

Dear Bengal Family;

We had a guest speaker at our assembly today.  His name was Alex Sheen, founder of the “because I said I would” foundation.  “because I said I would” is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity. We make and keep promises to end suffering, establish peace and build happiness. Our mission is to strengthen humanity’s will.  He created the “promise card” to help hold people accountable to their commitments. Make and keep a promise to improve yourself, your family or your community.

Your student will be receiving an opportunity to voluntarily complete a Promise Card(s).  They simply write a promise on the card and use it as a symbol of their honor.  Promise cards help them remember the importance of their commitments and goals.  These cards will be posted in the Main hallway at the school.

Mr. Sheen’s philosophy says that some of the world’s greatest problems could be solved if society just had a greater sense of commitment. He says we don’t always need miracle solutions; sometimes we just need people to do what they said they were going to do. People quickly snap to the judgment that the solution to our social problems are some technology, education, funding or policy change. But, none of these things can reach their true potential without committed people behind them.

I believe our kids were amazing and I thank them for participating in today’s event.  Helena High School can positively benefit from the presentation offered today.

Parents/Guardians – if you want to learn more about this non-profit organization, please visit “because I said I would” on line at:  Of course, you may also contact me at school at 324-2200 or

Remember – Be Involved, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Graduate.

Go Bengals!

Steve Thennis
Helena High School


Parent Link meeting

Come meet and talk with me, at our Parent Link meeting.  These meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at noon in the Helena High School Library. This is a great opportunity to get to know your school and get answers from me – the Principal


Congrats to Our HHS Students

September 14, 2015
Congratulations to our 4 National Merit Semifinalists: Terry Anthony, Tristan Boyar, Julie Rockenbaugh, Braden Scherting. These students represent the top 1% of the 1.5 million juniors that took the 2014 PSAT. They will now have an opportunity to continue in the competition for more than 7,400 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million. Thanks to all of you that have worked with these wonderful students.

August 31, 2015
Congratulations to our students that auditioned and made the All-State Band!
Lane Ulberg – Trombone
Connie Heiser – Flute
Rachel Willcocksonm – Flute
Jessica Sekerak – Flute

August 24, 2015
Congratulations to Molly Steele and the members of her choir groups that were selected to All-State Choir!
Christine Fischer
Jake Bohyer
Michael Fuller
Josh Fuller
Maggie Kerr
Spencer Lay
Taylor Stratton