Carl Straub

Life Map Requirements

On the sheet of paper provided, you are to include the following twelve aspects of your life.  You must do so pictorially with minimal words being present.  You are encouraged to layout your map in a way that represents you, but please include the number of the aspect next to the image.  Images must be colored and as recognizable as possible.  On the back, please explain drawings for numbers 7-10 in complete sentences.

  1. Where were you born?
  2. Where did you first live?
  3. Where did you go to Elementary School?
  4. Where did you go to Middle School?
  5. Where did you go to High School?
  6. Where will you get post-secondary education or training? (college, technical school, apprentice)
  7. Future career?
  8. Life event #1 (marriage, children, job, etc.)
  9. Life event #2
  10. Life event #3
  11. Retirement (when? What would you do next?)
  12. Death (when? Was it doing something cool?)


Grade – 50 points possible

___/24:  You have included a recognizable, colored, pictorial representation for each of the 12 requirements (2 points each).


___/20:  Life map is laid out in an unique pattern that also represents something about you.  It is clear that thought has been given to this layout.


___/6:  Completeness:

-All images are colored

-12 images are present

-Completed and turned in on time

-Overall pleasing to the eye


Posted on February 17, 2016

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