Kacey Askin

This is my fourth year teaching at Helena High and my 15th year teaching altogether.  I love teaching Business Education at HHS and look forward to another great year.  I have also taught Social Studies at Helena Christian High School.  In addition I have had other careers in sales in Sioux City, Iowa and Spokane, Washington, and human resources for St. Peter’s Hospital.

I am originally from Miles City but I have lived in western Montana since 1996 with my wife and our two kids.


Posted on November 6, 2015

Catty Shack Specials


Steffano’s Sandwich  $3.75 w/ Drink $4.25.

Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread $2.00 w/ Drink $2.50

Soup of the Day:  Chicken Noodle  Small $2.75  Med. $3.95


Panda Express  $6.50 w/ Drink $7.00

Soup of the Day:  Potato Bacon  Small $2.75  Med. $3.95


Taco In a Bag  $3.00

Suds Hut chicken $5.00 w/Drink $5.50

Soup of the Day:  Chili    Small $2.75  Med $3.95


Buffalo Wild Wings boneless 6 pack  $4.50 w/ Drink $5.00

Honey BBQ or Mild

THIRSTY THURSDAY – Fountain drinks for $.50

Soup of the Day:  Chicken Tortilla  Small $2.75  Med. $3.95


Costco Pizza one week and then Papa John’s Pizza the next!

$2.00/ slice or $2.50 w/ Drink.

NO SOUP on Fridays!



Upcoming Events

  • November 6, 2015 - June 23, 2016

    Catty Shack Hours

    Catty Shack is open from 7-8 AM and 12:00-12:30 PM Monday – Friday.

  • November 6, 2015 - December 10, 2015


    HHS is putting together our third season of competitive Mock Trial teams.  We are hoping to have two to three teams of 6-9 team members this year.

    If you have an interest in being a part of the Mock Trial Club stop by Room 5 and visit with Mr. Askin.

    The Mock Trial season runs from December until April each year.


Kacey Askin's Schedule

  • Period 0

    Catty Shack - Breakfast

  • Period 1

    Law & Justice

  • Period 2

    Career Planning

  • Period 3


  • Period 4

    Small Business Management - Catty Shack

  • Period 5

    Consumer Math

  • Period 6

    Consumer Math