Rob Holter

Robert Holter

Mr. Holter has a 48 year history in the theater, starting with a first role in a Church Pageant his first grade year at St. James Episcopal Church in Bozeman Montana.

Starting in the summer between his 6th and 7th grade, he audited Technical theater Courses from Signa Anderson (James) at Montana State University so he could be hired to be a part of the Stage crew at the Willson Auditorium where he met several life long friends who could not understand why a “shrimp” was taking college level theater courses for no grade.  He was crew member and Stage Manager at the Willson Auditorium till his graduation from MSU in theater with a physics and music minor in 1981.  At the Willson Mr. Holter was lucky to work with a huge number of artists from Victor Borge to Ray Charles, and the first National Tour of Godspell, as well as produce hundreds of local and school shows.

As a member of the “Junior Loft theater” Mr. Holter acted or did technical work in several performances including The world of Carl Sandburg, Godspell, The Undertaker, Sneaky Fitch. and a myriad of other Loft Community shows.

After Graduation from MSU Mr. Holter went to school and worked in the Seattle / Tacoma area for three years, and then Moved to the LA area where he was employed at TVI international, pacific scenic, and did freelance lighting and sound as well as working for a general contractor as a carpenter and electrician. In 1985 Mr. Holter returned to MSU where he gained a second BA in English Literature and Education, and during that time ran the after school theater program at Bozeman Senior High School, as well as doing freelance lighting, sound and sets for Ballet, community theater and film.  Mr holter has earned screen credit several full length and short films, and PBS shows including Meet Christopher Parkening and Amazing Grace and Chuck.

Mr. Holter received a Masters in theater from the University of Montana in 2000, and an Associates in Energy Technology (with High Honors) in 2014.

Mr. Holter remains Active in USITT, IATSE, and crews shows for the Helena Civic Center and Helena Middle School.

Theater 1 (Theater 120 Introduction to theater)


6700   Theater 1 Elective: 9 – 12 Full Year – 1 Credit

Beginning Theater course offers a student an introduction to all areas found in the legitimate theater. Students will study theatrical basics, mime, acting, make up, theater history, and technical theater. The emphasis is on hands-on learning, with an emphasis on performance and real world theater production. Theater 1 students will be required to see Helena High Theater Productions throughout the year. The class has no prerequisite. Students are evaluated on class work, tests, scene work, and participation.

Theater 1 can be taken as a dual credit course for those students who are at least 16 years old. Students are responsible for the enrollment paperwork, tuition and fees. Helena College THTR 120.



Technical theater stagecraft

6730   Technical Theater Stagecraft                                                             Elective: 9 – 12                                                                                 Full Year – 1 Credit

Technical theater Stagecraft offers an introduction for students interested in the “Back stage men and women in Black.”  Students will learn production techniques common to stage, film, television and related performance areas. The class offers instruction in the fundamentals of stage carpentry, production, lighting, sound and sets. The technical theater class constructs, lights and produces all aspects of Helen High productions, and offers technical support to theatrical events in other schools and the community. Students will be required to have hearing protection, a nail apron and vision protection. Students will be graded on projects, class participation and tests and quizzes over area content. This class can be offered for Vo Ed Credit.

Basic Lighting Instruments



Intro TheatreSpaces


Seasonal Application

Joann Technition Res Ex2

Joann Technition Res 3

Hol_ Fly Systems

Theater 2

Theater 2                                                                                    Full Year – 1 Credit

Theater 2 expands on performing skills that were introduced in Theater 1. Students will work with acting technique, beginning directing technique, and if time permits, some script writing. In this class students will develop and maintain a resume, and a current repertoire of audition scenes. The emphasis of the class is on further developing self-awareness and projecting a character in all of the dimensions available to an actress/actor started in Theater 1. Students will inventory skills and work on basics of script writing and directing, laying a foundation for Theater 3 projects. The Theater 2 class will produce a showcase production each semester outside of the class time roles will be assigned by the instructor or student director. Students are graded on written work, scene work production, and participation.

Prerequisite: Theater 1, signature of instructor. Students must purchase their own makeup kit for use in Theater 2.


Resume‘ Format

Theater 1 qualificatons start and Ref

Resume ex 1

1st HS class

2nd HS class

3rd HS class


Theater 3

6720   Theater 3                                                                         Elective: 11 – 12                                                                                              Full Year – 1 Credit

Theater 3 is geared to students who show a high interest in the performing side of theater. Students in Theater 3 are those who have successfully completed Theater 2. Many of the Theater 3 students are contemplating theater as a possible career, or path of study at the University level. Class work includes scene work, improvisation, refining performing skills, advanced script writing, academic and practical study of theatrical genres and styles. Students will exit the class with two contrasting audition scenes, and a resume for college level auditions. Students will be helping to produce workshops and productions outside of class. Students are graded on written projects, scene work, directing work, and participation in class.

Prerequisite: Theater 2 and instructor signature. Students must purchase their own makeup kit for use in Theater 3.

Resume‘ Format

Theater 1 qualificatons start and Ref

Resume ex 1

Technical Theater Production

6731 Technical Theater- Production                                      Elective 10 – 12

Full Year – 1 Credit

Technical Theater – Technical Production is the advanced technical theater course and meets at this time in conjunction with Technical theater – stagecraft. It requires the successful completion of Technical Theater – Stagecraft, and the signature of the instructor. All students in Technical Production will be assigned technical duties for productions at Helena high and will be required to work hours outside of the normal class time applying and expanding knowledge from stagecraft. Portfolio, resume, and job completion are required for the student to get a grade in the class. Each assignment per semester can and most likely will change and will require the student to act as a member of the production team as assigned, and will require the student to be at performances and rehearsals out of class time and during weekends near the production. The course can be repeated for credit and will require the student to expand their knowledge in the areas chosen or assigned.


Prerequisite: Technical Theater 6730.

Latest News.

2016 thespian festival CHS:HHS


The thespians from Helena knocked the ball out of the park this weekend!


HHS students awards included: Rachel Martorana won the thespian Olympics in Tonga twister, Aaron Fossadal won Best Student Director For “The Volcano Project” Erin Longdon and Kyle Delaney won Best Scene Partners for their Ensemble performance in “The Volcano Project” Tianna Thurston won a $1000.00 State Thespian Scholarship to any university she wishes to go to, and Matt Garcia won one of the technical theater scholarships to the University of Montana Department of Drama Dance.

CHS Awards included Alicia Treichler’s outstanding female lead in a drama, and their show “Sorry Wrong Number.”   “Sorry Wrong Number” garnered the open spot to represent Montana at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln Nebraska.  This is a HUGE deal as only one show from each state or country is allowed – and the show must be adjudicated by strict standards to even be considered for this slot.  So in short it has to be an amazing production with everything working to perfection -which it did!

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    Theater 1 (Introduction to Theater)

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    Theater 1 (Introduction to Theater)

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    Theater 2 (Intro to Acting)

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    Theater 3,4 (Directing fundamentals and advanced acting)

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