First Quarter Mid-Term

Now that we have an entire unit under our belts it is a good time to take stock in the progress we’ve made. There is much hard work being done by students and they are learning! As we approach mid-term (can you believe it?!) here are a few things to be looking for:

  • Homework. If there are zeros in Power School that is because they are not turning it in. A score of 2 typically means that the work is late, and everything in between is a combination of it being late and/or not being complete. 4 is the maximum score. Late work is always accepted through the end of the unit, and even until the first quiz of the next unit.
  • Quiz scores. These are given often so that students can get more immediate feedback about their progress. If students are getting low quiz scores then they either need to come in for some extra help and/or make sure that they are completing homework (and asking questions about things that they do not understand).
  • Test scores. By the time students take a test they should already have a good idea of what they do/don’t understand based on homework and quiz feedback. Please encourage them to come in and get help before  the test if they are struggling. Tests that score below 70% are eligible to be retaken for up to 70%.

I am so very happy to help your students if they are struggling. Please encourage them to come in before/after school or at lunch if they need some extra time from me! You are also welcome to call/e-mail me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your support at home!