Week of 10/3- 10/7

Word Cultures

M- Quiz

T- Intro Berlin Conference 2 Colum Notes- http://www.dw.com/en/130-years-ago-carving-up-africa-in-berlin/a-18278894

W- Congo Intro/ Research Topics for Essay

Th- Library Research Day

F- In class research

Research Prompts-

*What events occurred during the Rwandan Genocide?

* What effects did King Leopold of Belgium have on the people of the Congo?

* What effects did apartheid have on the African population in South Africa?

* How have “Blood Diamonds” created conflict in Sierra Leone?

US History

M-  Finish Film

T- Start DBQ Sectionalism 5 paragraph

W- Write rough draft

TH- 2 peer edits

F- Type final draft and share to jeffmahana@gmail.com