Week of 10/10- 10/14

World Cultures

M- Congo Video

T- Library- Works Cited and Print Sources

W- 2 column highlighter note taking

Th- Compile notes/ start Thesis/ Outline

F- PG 438-445 World Geography Book- Partner illustrations.

America History

M- Finish Rough Draft- Start Peer review

T- Finish Peer review- Write Final Draft

W- Final Draft Due

TH- TCI CH 10 section 1 and 2/ Civil War Notes

F- TCI CH 10 Section 3 and 4/ Civil War Notes

US DROP BOX- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bhz18sjxemlmask/AABW3AOxUoj0uEHDWoLHFJ8Na?dl=0