Montana Food Distributors Association Scholarship

The Montana Food Distributors Association is awarding 3 scholarships this year.  Applicants are encouraged to be associated with the food industry through either employment or family relationships within the industry.  The committee uses 8 criteria to judge each application and the students with the top three scores win the scholarships.  The 8 criteria are: age (graduating high school seniors receive the highest rating), home (MT residents receive the highest rating), high school (MT high school graduates receive the highest rating), GPA, intended college (students attending a MT college will score higher than those attending out of state schools), financial need (the greater the need the higher the score), student’s/parent’s workplace (those employed at a MFDA member business score higher), and sponsor’s work place (a student with a sponsor employed by a MFDA member business will score higher). Interested students can print an application packet from the HHS scholarship webpage or can pick-up a packet in the counseling office