Follow each step below to learn about Putin’s personality and politics and examine how the changes he has implemented have affected the Russian people. In a Google Doc, answer the questions listed under each link. Save your file in your Global folder on Google. 


Step 1 

First, get a snapshot of Putin’s lie by reviewing a timeline of Vladimir Putin’s life.  

  • When and where was Putin born? 
  • What did Putin say he wanted for Russia in his inauguration speech? 
  • What are some of Putin’s favorite sports/hobbies? 
  • In 2011 and 2012, demonstrators hit the streets to protest against Putin. What were their claims? 

Step 2 

Next, learn about the controversy when Putin ran for re-election for his third (non-consecutive) presidential term. 

  •  In what way do Putin supporters say he has helped Russia in his last president term? 
  • Why are his critics concerned about Putin serving 12 more years as Russia’s president? 
  • According to the article, why is important to Russia’s economy that Putin maintain good relations with the U.S.? 

Step 3 

Now, read what former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev said about Putin’s leadership in the article, “An Ailing Gorbachev Makes a Fierce Attack on Putin and His Restrictions 

  • Throughout the article, Gorbachev mentions several criticisms of Putin’s politics. List at least 4. 
  • How did Putin’s advisers and other members of the Russian government respond to Gorbachev’s criticisms? 

Step 4 

Finally, read Putin’s New Year’s Eve Speech of 2013. 

  • What does Putin say Russia achieved in 2013? 
  • What can you learn about how Putin feels about Russia from this speech?