Poetry Throw Down 2018

New at Helena High – Poetry Throw Down 2018!  The hope is that students and staff will read and vote for their favorite poems/poets and maybe find a new favorite poem or appreciate others. This is for fun only!

Beginning March 1st and leading up to Spring Break – poems from all styles will square off in a single elimination tournament. Students and staff will have an opportunity to read the poem and cast their vote with the hopes of crowning a winner March 22nd!

  • Tournament bracket will be posted in the hallway with copies of the poems for those competing on that day
  • Due to time restraints – multiple matches will occur at the same time
  • Some poems are long spoken word poems and better served when heard or viewed
  • Links will be provided and possible viewing platform
  • Each day the tournament bracket will be updated
  • If teachers are interested in an individual bracket (handout) please see Randy Hussey
  • Winners receive the honor and distinction of knowing poetry and the likes of our students and staff
  • Questions please feel free to contact Randy Hussey – rhussey@helenaschools.org or 324-2304