HHS Back-to-School Information

Bengal Families –

First off I would like to thank all of you for your patience as we work through these unprecedented times. We have finally been given the “green light” to send our re-opening plan. Understand, this could change on a moment’s notice. We miss your amazing kids and we are trying to do everything to re-connect with them and keep the students, staff and families safe. It will require diligence from our entire community. Patience and understanding will be a necessity.

If you have not reviewed Dr. Ream’s Re-opening plan, you can access this at: https://helenaschools.org/2020/08/14/2020-2021-planning-update-08-14-2020/

The plan is incredibly detailed. I will share with you what the “basics” are at this time.

Here are a couple of definitions I want to explain:

DLI: The Digital Learning Initiative is for students that have made the determination to stay 100% remote. They will have a schedule that is the same as their peers. If you would still like this option OR you would like to switch to our hybrid model, please contact your Assistant Principal: A – L; Stephanie Thennis (slthennis@helenaschools.org) or M-Z; Willie Schlepp (wschlepp@helenaschools.org)

“A” students: These are students that have the last name A – K. This includes DLI students. On an “A” day, all DLI and all “B” students are responsible for the instruction on this day.

“B” students: These are students that have the last name L – Z. This includes DLI students. On a “B” day, all DLI and all “A” students are responsible for the instruction on this day.

“C” day: ALL remote. No in person session but this IS an instructional day for all students. All A, B, and DLI students are responsible for the instruction on this day.

This will be our opening week schedule:

Monday, August 31st Tuesday, September 1st Wednesday, September 2nd Thursday, September 3rd Friday, September 4th.
Freshman “A” day Freshman “B” day Remote for Freshman Only Grades 9 – 12 “A” day Grades 9 – 12 “B” day

Monday, September 7th – No School.

The schedule for the remainder of the week will be determined by Superintendent Ream. It will likely be:

Monday, September 7th. Tuesday, September 8th Wednesday, September 9th Thursday, September 10th Friday, September 11th.
No School “A” day grades 9 – 12 “A” day grades 9 – 12 “B” day grades 9 – 12 “B” day grades 9 – 12

The remainder of the year is to follow an AACBB schedule. Remember, this could change at any moment based on current conditions/recommendations.

The daily transportation schedule is attached: Please realize this includes K – 12 schedules. The high school period break-down looks like the following:

0 8:09 AM 8:51 AM
1 8:55 AM 9:37 AM
2 9:41 AM 10:23 AM
3 10:27 AM 11:09 AM
4 11:13 AM 11:55 AM
Lunch 11:55 AM 12:15 PM
5 12:19 PM 1:01 PM
6 1:05 PM 1:47 PM
7 1:51 PM 2:33 PM
Online Check-In 2:33 PM 3:03 PM

1st period students will not be allowed to enter the building until 8:51. If you arrive before that you will be in the library only. No exceptions. Social distancing required at all times on HPS properties.

If you have questions regarding transportation, please contact them directly at: transportation@helenaschools.org or at 324-2100.

Meals: There will be no meals served in our cafeteria. However, breakfast kiosks will be available around the school for students to get a grab and go breakfast they can eat during their first period class. Lunch will be a closed campus. Students will remain in their 4th period class for lunch. They need to bring their own lunch or students will order in first period and cold lunch will be delivered to their 4th period class. There will not be any access to vending machines.

Lockers: Students will not be issued lockers. We are doing everything we can to minimize hallway traffic. One way traffic, shortened passing time.

Masks: Required for all students and staff during the school day. Gators and bandannas will not suffice.

There are much more detailed plans for health and sanitation, technology expectations, school operations, special education, etc. We will send these frequently so as not to overwhelm everyone.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

Go Bengals!
Steve Thennis
Helena High School