Drivers Education Program

Fall Class Registration (August 26 – September 5)

Fall schedules and registration are available August 26 – September 5, 2019. A printable copy is available here or hard copies for pickup at the Helena CHS, HHS or PAL high schools only during dates listed above.

FALL 2019 Registration Form

Students that did not get into the previous session(s) will need to fill out a new registration form with payment.

PAYMENT: $305.00 for ALL students (no discounts). Payment is due at time of registration (check or cash only). Make checks payable to HSD #1 and mailed or dropped off at May Butler Center, 55 S. Rodney (proceed downstairs and to the right) with your registration form (ONLY DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT).

You will receive a class confirmation email 1-2 weeks after registration closes. NO refunds will be given after a class begins.

All classes are formed in date of birth order with older students having class preference. You will be refunded after classes begin if your student does not get into a class.


Age Requirements

Requirements for Class

Mandatory Parent Meeting
This is required prior to the start of each class. Bring with you to the mandatory meeting:

Two forms of Student ID (must be originals or certified copies of documents). You may not start the class without these documents.

42 Hours of Classroom Instruction

Classes are offered at Helena High School and Capital High School. Students may register for class at either school, but a parent needs to provide transportation. Fall and Winter/Spring classes are after school 2-3 times per week. Summer class times vary during the day. The individual instructors set their own schedules for each session, so no two schedules are ever the same.

Students are allowed two absences (make-up hours & homework are assigned by the instructor). Since class attendance is mandatory, please take into consideration your family/student schedule (like sports, vacations, jobs). The third absence is an automatic “unsuccessful” for the entire class.

12 Hours of Driving Observation

Students will drive six times either after school (on days they don’t have class) or on weekends. Driving time is scheduled by the instructor. We provide the Driver’s Education car.

6 Hours of Road Instruction

Driving time is scheduled by the instructor. We provide the Driver’s Education car.

Traffic/Driver’s Education classes are not part of the school district curriculum.
We do not offer adult driver’s education.

For Instructors

To teach traffic education in Montana’s public schools, teachers must have an active Montana educator’s license, an acceptable driving record, and at least 8 semester credits in initial traffic education coursework taken at Montana State University-Northern.

All communication is done through email at or by calling 324-2123.

Helpful Links

Contact information

Please email or call (406) 324-2123 with any questions. Any correspondence regarding driver’s education will be from or