Selective Service System

Everything You Need to Know

Currently the Montana 18 year old Selective Service registration rate is at 51%. Only 75% of MT 18-25 year old males are registered in the Selective Service System and students may be missing out on benefits that are afforded to them by registering.

A young man who fails to register with Selective Service may be ineligible for opportunities that may be important to his future. He must register to be eligible for federal student financial aid, state-funded student financial aid in many states, most federal employment, some state employment, security clearance for contractors, job training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (formerly known as the Workforce Investment Act), and U.S. citizenship for immigrant men.

The Selective Service System is asking to remind your students that under current law all male US citizens between 18–25 years of age, born after January 1, 1960 are required to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. In addition, non-US citizen men between the ages of 18 and 25 (inclusive) living in the United States must register.

Students can register at their local post office or online at the Selective Service System website