3-7-77 Club

The purpose of the 3-7-77’s is to give willing service to any phase of school activity and to perpetuate a spirit of cooperation and school loyalty.

Helena High’s honorary service club. You are nominated by the faculty, in the spring of the year, based on the following attributes: 1) dependability, 2) leadership, 3) scholarship, 4) character, 5) citizenship, 6) service, and 7) courtesy. The membership is limited to twenty-one junior and senior boys and girls.

Some of the duties that the club has been asked to perform in the past include ushering at graduation, planting and weeding Bengal Jungle, working concession stands, helping new students and helping with festival of trees. We also took on the Reverend Harper Student-of-the-Month award and select a deserving student each month.

This club is unique to Helena High School and was established in December of 1937 by a group of students that were trying to build unity and support of one another at Helena High School.