Brandon Day

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Mr. Day’s website!  Here you will find a link to the CSI website along with all the helpful presentations and electronic overviews for AP Biology.  Hope you are enjoying your year!

AP Biology

AP Biology is a challenging college prep course.  This class is the replacement for honors biology and if a score of 3 or higher is earned on the end of the year AP Test a student can receive college credit for biology.

The course is fast paced with challenging content and several labs through the year.

CSI Forensics

CSI is a lab based course that deals with the real life field of forensics.  This challenging course requires a lot of writing and critical thinking.

Upcoming Events

  • May 8, 2017

    AP Biology Exam!

    Get studying!!!  Remember that you need to cover the endocrine, immune and nervous system outside of class.  Thanks and good luck.

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    AP Biology

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    AP Biology

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    CSI Forensics

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    CSI Forensics

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    Study Hall

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    AP Biology