Clay Burkett

Welcome to Mr. Burkett’s teacher page! I hope you all had exciting summers. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and I am ready to see what the upcoming school year has to offer. 

This is my 27th year of teaching, and my very first year teaching Calculus. I love to fish and hunt.

Honors Pre-Calculus

Welcome to Honors Pre-Calculus.  I commend you for taking an advanced math class. This course meets the requirements of Helena College to qualify for dual creidit, so we will be doing college level work.  I want you to experience success in this course, so my classroom expectations are built around that principle.

AP Calculus

Calculus is the basis of college mathematics. It is the study of the mathematics of change. In this course we develop the basic ideas of functions and limits and apply those to derivatives and integrals. In addition, students have the opportunity to earn dual credit for this course. They will also have the option of obtaining Advanced Placement Calculus AB credit as this course will prepare them to take that test in the spring.

Technical Math

This course provides the practical mathematics skills needed in a variety of trade and technical areas.  Topics we will study include fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, formulas, and word problems.  Topics studied are metric and standard American measurement systems and measuring tools, linear equations, developing applied skills in practical geometry, solid figures, and basic trigonometry.  Students may obtain college credit for successful completion of this course.  This class adheres to the course standards at UM-Helena as closely as possible.

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    Honors Pre-Calulus

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    AP Calculus

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    Teacher Prep

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    Honors Pre-Calulus

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    Technical Math

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    Honors Pre-Calulus

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    Study Hall