Coby Furlong

Mr. Furlong splits his teaching time between Helena High and Capital High Schools.

                                   Ceramics I

I teach my students basic construction techniques in the traditional and historical forming methods. This provides a base for more advanced processes.   Each assignment and learned method is a segway into the next project.


Ceramics II

I combine more complex methods and strategies used in the ceramics process. Students are given more freedom to express their creativity and solve problems to learn their own artistic style and approach to making art.


Ceramics III

I encourage students to find a concentration as the center of their artwork. This series of work focuses on applying principles and concepts when creating art.





Youth Electrum

1st Prize in Ceramics: Dustin Powell  “Series 2”, Helena High School, 12th grade, Mr. Furlong

HM in Ceramics: Zach Schroeck  “Cup Series” , Helena High School, 12th grade, Mr. Furlong

Coby Furlong's Schedule

  • Period 1

    Ceramics 1-2-3

  • Period 2

    Ceramics 1-2-3

  • Period 3

    Ceramics 1-2-3