Jean O’Connor

As Literacy Coach for Helena High School I willbengal_300x300_acf_cropped5

  • enable individuals, groups, and departments by listening non-judgmentally and being a liaison and assistant to the PLC process
  • work with individuals and groups to create effective assessments
  • provide support for the assessment process to benefit student learning

Please contact me if I can be of any help to you or your group.  E-mail or phone is fine.  I look forward to visiting with you!

I am also Building Learning Coordinator. As BLC I assist the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process by helping individuals and groups.


406 324-2175

Posted on August 20, 2015

What is a Literacy Coach?

successI have taught English, World Cultures, and American History at Helena High School for 19 years. I am now the Literacy Coach and Building Learning Coordinator at Helena High to assist teachers and benefit student learning at all aspects of the learning process.

“Literacy coaches are trusted colleagues who share parts of the journey, traveling alongside teachers as they do the difficult and rewarding work of wrestling with the dilemmas that will always arise. Moreover, literacy coaches support teachers in developing strengths necessary, not only for addressing any current problem but also for preventing future problems and therefore achieving more success. Coaches do this when they work alongside teachers to pursue topics of interest” (8).

Toll, Cathy. The Literacy Coach’s Desk Reference. NCTE, 2006.

Upcoming Events

  • Scheduling New Students for Collections/ Foreign Language Text Log-ins

    Teachers of English or a Foreign Language, please let me know the names of new students who enter after the beginning of the year.  I will make log-ins for them for their use of Collections online (the ELA textbook for grades 9 – 12), and / or Foreign Language texts on-line.  See also the handout under Documents above, Logins 2017-18.

Jean O’Connor's Schedule

  • My desk is in the Helena High Library towards the computer labs. Find me there when I am not busy elsewhere!