Jake Spearson

Welcome to Helena High School – Home of the Bengals

My name is Jake Spearson. I am drafting instructor at Helena High.

I am glad to hear you might be interested in taking my class. If you enjoy a challenge in configuring designs and problem solving projects, then this is your area!

Some information about me:

  • I am a Native American from the Blackfeet Tribe of Browning, Mt
  • I was raised in East Helena and a graduate of Helena High School & Helena Christian
  • I have a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education from University of Montana Western.
  • I taught two years at Great Falls High School
    • Where I taught Welding & Engineering/Architectural
  • My wife and I have lived in Helena since 2012
  • I own a construction & fabrication company called Spearson Construction & Spearson Fabrication LLC.

Fundamental Drafting

The Drafting Curriculum is divided into four areas of study. All students entering the program must take the Fundamental Drafting & AutoCAD units of instruction.

After completion students will select an additional area based curriculum upon personal interest. Once an area is selected the student must complete all of the units of instruction in that area before moving to another area.

Additional Curriculum selection

  • Architectural Drafting
  • Engineering Design/Fabrication

Included in this area is Unit 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 10. Once these units are complete students may chose another area of their interest. You will need to print the Instruction Sheet (DI-1)and the Worksheet(DW-1) for each unit, but DO NOT print the text. Review the text on-line.



The AutoCAD pogram consists of units 44-52.  You will recognize the majority of the drawings in this unit, because they are same drawings you complete in Fundamental Drafting.  The change to computers is a struggle for a bit, but you will find it rewarding when you catch the drift of computer applications.


I am excited to see you are furthering your skills within the drafting studies. Can’t wait until you reach the Engineering Design/Fabrication curriculum.

Architectural Drafting

Architectural Drafting consist of Units 21 through 40.  Each unit must be completed in order and a student cannot move to another area of interest until the entire unit is completed.  These units are designed to give the student the ability to design and draw a simple residential including drawing details.

During this curriculum students are required to design and build a 3-D model of their house. Each student will have his/her own set of house blueprints to their very own house.


Engineering Design/Fabrication

Included in Engineering Design/Fabrication Units 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14.  Students must complete every unit before moving to another area of interest.  Every unit requires a worksheet and test with the exception of Unit 12.  Unit 12 has multiple drawings, but does not require a test. In each of these units the text material come from a book, “Technical Drawing”.  This is available in the classroom.

During this curriculum students will learn the Autodesk Inventor software.  The change to Inventor is a struggle for a bit, but you will find it rewarding when you catch the drift of computer applications.



During your time in Drafting there will be moments where I provide additional resources to help your advancement in class. Resort to this page when the units refers to additional help.


Jake Spearson's Schedule

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  • 5th Period

    Parking Lot Duty

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  • 7th Period

    Welding I