Jill Van Alstyne

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! My focus is to offer students as much choice, control, and creativity as possible, as we cover English content in-depth and develop skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Green Group meets every Thursday at lunch in Room 32. We’d love for you to join our efforts to recycle, educate ourselves and others, conserve energy, produce solar energy, reduce Helena High’s carbon footprint, take trips, have parties, and make new friends! We celebrate the district receiving a $50,000 grant to place solar panels on Bryant School and are happy we could be a part of that grant application process!


Upcoming Events

  • Trip to NorthWestern Energy and Sage Mountain Center

    Green Group will travel to Butte/Whitehall to view the control room for the electrical energy grid at NorthWestern Energy in Butte. After eating lunch in Butte, we will travel to Sage Mountain Center near Whitehall. This center is completely off-the-grid (it generates its own solar and wind energy). Owner Chris Borton will give our students demonstrations of how these energy sources work, along with teaching about strawbale design and construction, batteries, solar gardening, and composting toilets. There is also a labyrinth to walk. The date for this trip will be determined at a club meeting.

  • September 3, 2020

    First Green Group meeting!

    Join us for our first Green Group meeting at lunch on Thursday, September 3rd! Meet each other and meet our new advisors, Mrs. McClure, Mr. Scruggs, and Mr. Horvath, as well as co-founder Mr. Art Butler. Let’s plan some fun ways to help the world!

Jill Van Alstyne's Schedule

  • Period 1

    English IV (Holocaust/Crime Literature)

  • Period 2

    English II

  • Period 3

    English IV (Holocaust/Crime Literature)

  • Period 4

    Lunch/Detention Room Duty

  • Period 5

    English II

  • Period 6


  • Period 7

    Honors English II