Marissa Krupa

A Chicago native, Marissa enjoys skiing, climbing, paddle boarding and all manner of outdoor activities when she’s not teaching English classes to Sophomores and Seniors. She has a dog, Nixie, who shares in the adventures. Her last place of residence was Montrose, CO, and she’s excited to be part of the Helena community. Go Bengals!

“1st Annual” Outdoor Literature ski trip at Great Divide! Fun times, cool conversation – diligent Seniors studying…


Ms. Krupa caught her first trout the first time fly-fishing, ever! Beginner’s luck? This is from yet another awesome English IV – Outdoor Literature field trip to Kim’s Marina where students learned to fly-fish as part of reading Norman MacLean’s novelette A River Runs Through It.


Last field trip of the year was a chilly April hike on Mt. Helena. Congratulations, Seniors!

English II

The sophomore year is one of growing and maturing for most students. Sophomore English capitalizes on this development by fostering student awareness of self and by building analytical, interpretive, and organizational skills necessary to help students communicate ideas effectively. One of the chief thrusts of the sophomore English program is to develop thinking skills. Students are encouraged to have ideas, develop those ideas, and communicate them logically.

This year we will study many different authors, poets, playwrights, and essayists from a variety of periods and cultures.  Students will strengthen their skills with close reading, using textual evidence, understanding academic vocabulary, and determining author’s intent in a piece of writing.  Students will write frequently for formal and informal audiences adhering to the HSD’s Significant Writing program.  There will be frequent in-class partner and group work in addition to traditional lecture, note-taking, and large group activities.  We will continue our study of word roots using the Everyday Words book.  Please don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year.  I am available during 1st period, 4th period, at lunch, and before and after school by appointment only.

English IV - Outdoor Literature

Welcome to Outdoor Literature! You will build critical and creative skills as we explore Nature’s role as protagonist, subject, antagonist, and background for many writers, producing some of the best fiction and non-fiction of our time. We will read modern and older texts, poems, short stories, and sometimes compare the written piece to a visual like a painting or movie. You will have opportunities to write, present, perform, and discuss in groups. While the content for Outdoor Literature will be interesting, the primary objective of this class is to give you a “last chance” at developing the communication skills necessary for success in your life after high school. This is your final rodeo. Take full advantage.

Marissa Krupa's Schedule

  • Period 0

    Room 43

  • Period 1

    Rm. 43/Newspaper office

  • Period 2

    Room 43

  • Period 3

    Room 26 (Starting 10/11)

  • Period 4

    Rm. 43/Newspaper office

  • Lunch

    ISS Room

  • Period 5

    Room 41

  • Period 6

    Room 43

  • "After School"

    Rm. 43/Newspaper office until 2:40pm