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Welcome to Mr. Tyler Hollow’s class!

I am very excited for my ninth year at Helena High School. I really enjoy the students at Helena High School and appreciate their willingness to work hard and be involved. I grew up in Helena. I attended the College of Idaho and earned a Biology degree, then I worked in Idaho, Wyoming and Victor, Montana before moving back to my hometown. I recently graduated with a Masters in Science Teaching from Montana State University.

I teach Earth Science and Biomed 4. Biomed 4 is an upper level research class in Health Career Pathway. They are both laboratory-based and focused on the process of science. I am passionate about science and excited to work with students in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Students will be thinking like Scientists and doing Scientific work every day.

For Biomed 4 student’s class material can be found on the LMS link.

Posted on March 19, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-glance for Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday – Overview of Glaciers and my trip to Canada, Reading on Earthquake waves.

Tuesday – No school for 9th graders due to CRT and ACT testing of Sophomores and Juniors.

Wednesday – Magnetism Module

Thursday – Finish Magnetism Module and Take Notes on Earth’s Magnetic Field.

Friday – Quiz on Earth’s Interior and follow-up activity on magnetism.

Make-up assignment: I am offering students a make-up assignment that will replace their lowest grade of the quarter.  The make-up assignment is a current event that can be found on my web page; students will be getting a hard copy.

Posted on March 9, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday, March 12, 2018

I will be gone this week, so changes to grades will occur on Tuesday of the following week.  Grades are up-to-date as of Friday, March 9th.

Monday- Students will complete Plate Tectonic Textbook Questions.

Tuesday – Students will take notes on Earth’s interior.  Then they will start Earth’s Interior Model.

Wednesday – Student will complete the Earth’s Interior Model.

Thursday – Students will watch a film called “Alps” and complete a film guide.

Friday – Students will watch a presentations from the Montana Conservation Corp in the Little Theater.

Have a great week!

Posted on March 5, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday, March 5, 2018

I hope everyone is doing great.  Here is the plan this week.  Please see “Science Circus” topic at this web page for more information. 

Monday – Science Circus Project Topic Selection.

Tuesday- Science Circus Project Research

Wednesday – Science Circus Project Model Building and Poster Making.

Thursday – Science Circus Project Model Building and Poster Making.

Friday – Present project to class.

Special Note:  Everyone needs to complete a project this week.  Students have the opportunity to share their project at Science Circus the following week.

Posted on February 26, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday February 26, 2018

Monday – Notes on Starshttps://hhs.helenaschools.org/teachers/thollow/

Tuesday – Hertzsprung-Russel Diagram Activity

Wednesday – Solar System Project

Thursday – Astronomy Test Review

Friday – Astronomy Test

Posted on February 20, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-glance for Tuesday February 20, 2018

Monday – President’s day.

Tuesday – Life Cycle of a Star Webquest, make-up other assignments and turn in notebooks to be graded.

Wednesday – Notes on our Sun

Thursday – Nuclear Fusion Modeling Activity

Friday – Quiz, Star Exploration

Posted on February 13, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday February 12, 2018

Monday – Notes on Kepler’s Laws

Tuesday – Kepler’s Laws #2 and #3

Wednesday – Create a planet

Thursday – Life Cycle of a Star Activity.

Friday – Life Cycle of a Star Activty.

Posted on February 2, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday February 5th, 2018

Monday – Quiz, introduce gravity

Tuesday – Period of Orbit Lab

Wednesday – Continue and finish the Period of Orbit Lab

Thursday – Notes on Kepler’s Laws, Kepler’s Law #2 Activity

Friday – Quiz, Kepler’s Law #3 Activity

Posted on February 2, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday January 29th, 2018

Monday – Doppler Effect Lab, Scientific Theory Probe

Tuesday – Continue with Doppler Effect Lab, Notes on the Big Bang.

Wednesday – Annotate and Take 2-column notes on the article “How do we measure the age of our universe?”

Thursday – Write a summary from Wednesday’s article.

Friday – Big Bang News Activity

Posted on January 19, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-glance for Monday January 22, 2018

Monday – Semester Overview, class questionnaire, and start on Impact Crater Lab

Tuesday – Impact Crater Lab

Wednesday – Scientific Laws and Scientific Theories, The Big Bang Theory

Thursday and Friday – Doppler Effect lab

Posted on January 8, 2018

Earth Science Week-at-a-Glance for Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday – Review Coriolis Effect and Winds.  Notes on Severe Storms.

Tuesday – Storm Stations

Wednesday – Monsoons Activity

Thursday – Semester Test Review

Friday – Semester Test Review

Click Here for Syllabus and Student Life Resources

Please view Earth Science syllabus and course outline. Helpful resources for student life will also be placed here.

Science Circus

Students have an opportunity to participate at Science Circus this year.  Science Circus attracts over a thousand people each year to Helena High and students showcase amazing Science phenomenon.  Earth Science students will develop their own project in class for a project grade.  They will also be given the opportunity to present their project at Science Circus for extra credit.  See documents for more information.

Click Here for Research and Current Event Resources

Here you will find great articles to read for completing an Earth Science current event.  These resources will also be helpful for researching Earth Science related topics for projects during the year.

Click Here for Nature of Science Unit

Students will engage in Science and Engineering Practices so they think like scientists and work like scientists.  Student will apply the Metric System and Measuring to investigate scientific questions through experimental design.

Click here for Hydrology Unit

Students will explore the water cycle in depth, spending time engaging in fun activities in surface water, groundwater and glaciers.  Hydrology Unit is covered in Chapter 6 in the Earth Science text book if students need additional support.

Click here for Astronomy Unit

Astronomy is the study of the area outside of earth’s atmosphere.  Students will investigate craters on moon and the reason for phases of the moon.  Students will explore the universe’s laws and scientific theories such as gravitational attractions effects on planets.  Students will study star composition and technology that has led to the understanding of our universe.

Click Here for Plate Tectonic Unit

Students will explore Earth’s interior and the dynamics of plate movement.  Students will investigate different types of plate boundaries and their resulting features.

Click Here for Geologic Time Unit

Geologic Time Unit will take the students on a Journey Back into Time and investigate Relative Time, Absolute Time and the figure out how Scientists use Radiometric  Dating to create the Geologic Time Scale

Upcoming Events

  • August 31, 2018

    Freshman BBQ and Dance this Friday

    Freshman are invited to a free barbecue Friday, August 31st at 5:30 p.m. at Vigilantee Stadium. Ninth graders that attend the event will get a free Bengal T-shirt, entrance into the game, and a free meal.

    Get involved at Helena High and be Bengal Proud!

  • October 25, 2018

    Envirothon Club

    Come join Envirothon in Ms. Pichette’s classroom (#213)Thursday during lunch. Envirothon is a competition in Aquatics, Range, Forestry, Wildlife and Soils. If you are interested in the outdoors, enjoy nature, or want to work in the Natural Resource field then Envirothon is for you.

    Contact Mr. Hollow or Ms. Pichette if you are interested.


  • September 4, 2018

    University of Montana Science Fair

    Participate in this year’s University of Montana Science Fair is on a Monday in March 2018.  Go to this page to check it out:  University of Montana Science Fair

  • September 4, 2018

    Montana Tech Science Fair

    Participate in this year’s Montana Tech Science Fair in February.  Go to this page to check it out:  http://institute.mtech.edu/science-fair

Tyler Hollow's Schedule

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    Biomed 4 (Biomedical Innovations)

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    Earth Science

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    Freshmen Team

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    Earth Science

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    Earth Science

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