Kade Kimball

Core Curricular Lab

Welcome to Core Curricular Lab!  In this class, we will focus on strategies to support your success in school.  This means *at times* we will work on homework for outside classes, however this is a credit bearing class and our main focus will be on content that improves your self-advocacy, soft skills, and academic literacy.

Health Enhancement

Course Description:  Welcome to Health!  This semester-long, 0.5 credit course, is designed to enhance your knowledge of health issues and topics.  We will cover many areas associated with the importance and ability to live a long, healthy life.  We will group our units into three main topic areas:  physical health, mental-emotional health, and social health.  Throughout this semester we will have multiple projects, assignments, and assessments that will be geared toward helping us understand and prove an understanding of the material.


Kade Kimball's Schedule

  • Period 1 and 5

    Core Curricular Lab

  • Period 3

    World Cultures

  • Period 4

    Freshman Physical Education

  • Period 7

    Health Enhancement