Victor Daniel

Welcome to my teacher page!

I teach Ceramics 1, 2 and 3 and Art1. I love the transformative magic involved in making a work of art. In the visual arts our hands, eyes and mind must all work in unison for success to be possible. A raw blob of clay can morph into anything you can imagine. Making art teaches students patience, creative problem solving, design and engineering of materials. These skills help students grow regardless of their future career path. A strong art program increases students performance across the curriculum. Here at Helena High we strive to continually improve and update our Visual Arts Curriculum in order to help all of our students find creative solutions to an ever changing and evolving word.

Ceramics 1


Ceramics 1 is an entry level art class that focuses on basic ceramics skills. Students will learn to throw pots including cups, mugs and bowls on the wheel. Students will also learn a variety of hand building techniques like pinch, slab and coil building. Students will experiment with various forms of surface treatments and finishes including carving, slips, underglaze and glazes.

Ceramics 2


Ceramics 2 builds upon skills learned in Ceramics 1 while also adding practical skills for running and maintaining a functional clay studio. Ceramics 2 students will be challenged with larger more complex projects as well as helping load and unload kilns, mix glazes and slips and learn about alternate firing techniques like raku.

Ceramics 3

shelbyCeramics 3 is an upper level class that provides a place for self motivated students to explore the field of Ceramics. This class is an independent study studio class where students will experiment with many techniques and forms in order to find a style and look that is uniquely their own.

Art 1


In Art 1 students will create projects designed to illustrate art principles, elements and concepts like balance, value, proportion, rhythm, unity and composition. Art1 is designed to expose students to a wide variety of media and art making techniques while giving students a means and a way to express themselves visually.

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