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Back to school plan for the food service program

We now know that we will be starting school in phase 1 which means that we will be running the AACBB schedule, and we have roughly 25% of the total student body utilizing the DLI learning system.  This means we will be serving the nutritional needs for all those students in many ways on different days and locations.  In order to keep all those programs straight we have created the first Online Meal Ordering Program.

All parents/guardians that have an updated email in PowerSchool will receive an email early Friday morning every week. This email will provide you with links that you can use to pre-order the meals that your son/daughter will need while at school and/or during distance learning.  All orders must be completed by 9:00 am Monday morning in order for us to build meals and put in the necessary food orders with our suppliers.


  • $1.45 Paid students
  • $ .30 Reduced students

Free meals only for approved free students or students that attend a CEP School (Bryant or Central)

AA or BB Each student attending school at all levels will have the opportunity to pick up a grab and go sack breakfast on the way to class from one of the designated stations at each school.  These stations will practice social distancing and allow the student to only touch their own bag.

*This is also where a student can order a lunch for that day if they forgot or could not order one online prior.

DLI – All students that want to participate in the National School Lunch Program will need to fill out the Distance Learning Meal Order Form weekly.  We can only distribute meals once a week on Wednesdays when there is no school.  You can order up to 5 days of meals for both breakfast and lunch.  Please keep in mind that if you do not qualify for the free program you student’s account will be charged accordingly, and any negative balances will the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


  • $2.75 Elementary students
  • $2.85 Secondary students
  • $ .40 Reduced students

Free meals are only for approved free students or students that attend a CEP school (Bryant or Central)

Every student must have meals pre-ordered once a week for the whole week using the appropriate link.  You can use the link in the Friday email, or you can simply go the Helena School District website and use the Food Service tab to find the links there.  There will be links for the AA group, the BB group and the Distance learning group.

AA or BB – Students that are in campus for 2 days a week will need to pre-order meals using the link that represents their group for school meals.  This form will only be for the meals you eat on site so we can send it to the appropriate schools on the correct days. If you choose to receive meals as part of your 3 days distance learning portion you then will need to fill out the Distance Learning Meal Order Form for each week as well.  Please refer to the paragraph below.

Distance learning for both 3 or 5 day programs – All students that want to participate in the school meal program, while you learn from home, will need to fill out the Distance Learning Meal Order Form weekly.  We can only distribute meals Wednesdays when there is no school in person.  You can order both breakfast and lunch for any day that your student is not on site.  We only will have 8 locations spread out across Helena for you to pick up those meals.   You will need to choose which location when you order the meals so we can prepare for them accordingly.  You will need to provide student names and IDs in order to pick these meals up.  Please understand that many of these meals will be provided to you precooked-frozen, and you will need to re-heat these meals to proper temperatures.  If you are not sure what the proper temperatures are for each food item, please go to the district website and you will be able to download a sheet that will have heating instructions for all items.

Meal pick up sites will be open from 8am- 10am at each of these locations.  We will have signs at each location to help guide you to the correct door:

  • Bryant – Pick near the office
  • Central – Pick near the office
  • 4 Georgians – Pick up front of the building at the middle doors
  • Jim Darcy – Pick near the office
  • Rossiter – Pick near the office
  • Smith – At the back of the building at the entry door on corner
  • Warren – Pick near the office
  • CRA – In the back of the building past the basketball courts entry #17 at the cafeteria door.

Please be patient with staff we will not be able to let you in the building at this time, and they will not be allowed to touch anything that you may have brought wth you to put the food into.

School opening special circumstances– From the 31st of August to September 11th will not be normal.  Please refer to your individual school plan to see which days you will be in class or not.

8/31 and 9/1 we will not be offering remote meals for these dates.

9/2 Our first day of remote meal pick up for remote learning will be 9/2 and it will be available at each of the 8 locations as long as you fill out a Distance Learning Meal Order Form for that week.

9/9 School will be in session this day due to the holiday, so unfortunately, we will not be able to provide meals at the 8 sites, but we will provide those meals at Capital High School from our Munchtana trailer.  We will be parked in front of the base kitchen entry #6 across from the tennis courts.   We will offer meal pick up from 7:30am-12PM for this one day only.

9/14 School should officially start with the phase 1 including all the new food service requirements as stated above.

If we start or need to change to Phase 0 at any time

We will only be providing meals at the 8 sites at the times we currently have scheduled.  Everyone will need to continue to fill out the Distance Learning Meal Order Form weekly, so we know who wants what and how many meals we need to have prepared.  We will make sure to keep everyone posted on any changes or new opportunities for meals as soon as they become available.

Next Week Meal Order Links instructions