From the Principal’s Desk

June 4, 2018

Congratulations to our Trig Star champion Aaron Loomis (along with Jake Ziska-representing the organization that sponsors the contest).  Aaron took 1st place in the local chapter (HHS, CHS, and Helena Christian all competing). He scored 100% in a time of 20 min 58 seconds ( far better than anything CIay Burkett can remember during his 25 years here). He placed 2nd at the state contest by a margin of less than 30 seconds. Aaron won $150 cash for winning the local contest and a $1000 scholarship for placing 2nd in the state.

Green Group recently donated $500 last week to the Prickly Pear Land Trust. This brings their total donations to more than $5,000 to preserve open space. Thanks Green Group for your efforts and creating this important community partnership.


May 29, 2018

Congratulations to State Track and Field Champions Kamden Hilborn and Trey Tintinger.  At this past weekend’s state meet, Kamden won the Girls Pole Vault and Trey captured the title in the Boys High Jump.

Helena High placed 46th out of 61 high schools in 25 events beating the teams from West Virginia, Wyoming, Arkansas, Vermont, D.C., South Carolina, South Dakota, Mississippi, Maine, Utah, New Hampshire, Alaska, North Dakota and Oregon.  Carson Putnam and Mariah Thompson placed 13th in the nation in Write It/Do It and Elizabeth Rigby and Heath Caldwell placed 16th in the nation in Rocks and Minerals.

Please tell our students congratulations as they participated in the Culinary II and III presentation last week. Such a great demonstration of talent.

May 21, 2018

Congratulations to our band students that participated in the Western States Festival.  Those who were recognized are:

Western State Music Solo/Ensemble Festival
Superior Ratings:
Jazz Band
Melina Scott, Flute Solo
Alex Fasbender, Flute Solo
Alex Fasbender, Gracey Livesay, Flute Duet
Rachel Jakovac, Piano Solo
Ann Dodds, Piano Solo
Kennedy Black, Piano Solo
Chris Bokovoy, Noah Zeigler, Gabe Sommers, Owen Cleary, Tuba Choir
Jenna Bingham, Clarinet Solo
Chris Shields, Tenor Sax Solo
Dan Ruether-Affor, French Horn Solo
Kelson Demmons, French Horn Solo
Dan Ruether-Affor, Kaitlyn Sena, French Horn Duet (excellent rating)
Nick Pida, Snare Drum Solo
Carson Putnam, Snare Drum Solo
Aaron Burke, Snare Drum Solo

Congratulations to Aaron Loomis for placing Runner–up in this year’s annual State Trig-Star competition

Congratulations to Will DuBray for receiving the prestigious Horatio Alger Scholarship. This $10,000 scholarship can be used at any Montana State University system school. In addition, there is a range of support services from their association. Great accomplishment for this young man. Thanks also to those teachers that have been so instrumental in Will’s success!

Congratulations to Mr. Schlepp and our entire MBI team for helping HHS receive Exemplar School status. Helena High School will be recognized as “Gold” status at this summer’s MBI event in Bozeman. Thanks to Mr. Schlepp and this very important committee.

May 14, 2018

Congratulations to Devin Seyler and Emma Sihler. This past week, the US Dept. of Education selected 161 Presidential Scholars from the US.  Two of these students are at HHS! Congratulations to Devin and Emma.  Also, congratulations to the teachers they have selected to accompany them in Washington D.C., Claire Pichette and Julie Ladd.

This is great news! Click here to learn how Helena High School did:

Congratulations to our participants in last week’s State Music Festival.
Choir participants:
Superior Ratings (1)

  • Christiana Holland
  • Elsie Harrington
  • Emma Ackerman
  • Jakob Franklin
  • Azaria Evans
  • Sarah Sizemore and Melina Scott duet
  • Sonja Severtson
  • Sarah Sizemore
  • Brynja, Anja, and Sonja Severtson trio
  • Annika Johnson
  • Jada Pierson
  • Alyson Rake

Excellent Ratings (2)

  • Madison Glass
  • Sam Sullivan

Orchestra participants:
Superior Rating of a 1

Owen Cleary – Violin Solo, Cello/Violin Duet,

HHS Chamber Quartet

Fischer Friend – Cello Solo – A Perfect Score!,

HHS Chamber Quartet

Celia Quintana – Viola Solo, Violin Solo,

Cello/Viola Duet

Alyson Rake – Viola Solo

Brynja Severtson – Violin Solo, HHS Chamber.


Sonja Severtson – Violin Solo

Rebecca Snow – Violin Solo

Jessica Strock – Violin Solo

Lenny Triem – Cello Solo – A perfect Score!

Cello/Viola Duet,

HHS Chamber Quartet

Excellent Rating of a 2

Zoe McBride – Bass Solo

Bella Summers – Cello Solo

Once again, the students at HHS have won the Montana Historical Society’s Bradley Cup. This recognition is determined by the most historically accurate float in the Vigilante Parade.
This year’s winners are:  Treg Wolstein, Kyler Armstrong, Colin Beatty, Caleb Binfet, McKoy Gebhardt, Jake Gestring, George Henkel, Cody Hoover, Paul Schuele, and Dylan Steinmetz for their float depicting a Beaver Slide Hay Stacker. Each student will receive a $100 prize from the Historical Society.

May 7, 2018

Congratulations to Joan Leik!
The Innovative program Awards recognize innovative career and technical education program from each Region V state that are unique, novel and are serving to improve and promote the image of CTE.  Receiving Innovative Program Awards this year were:

  • Troy Gabaldon, Arizona – Aviation Technology
  • Joan Leik, Montana – Culinary Arts
  • Dalon Grimm, David Axt, Sarah Beereth and Shawn Brink, North Dakota – Career Ready Practices
  • Bret Johnson, South Dakota – Architecture & Construction Cluster
  • Brenda Grabski and Angel Elam, Washington – Capital High School Marketing

April 30, 2018
Lots to celebrate!

  • 630 national semifinalists have advanced to the final round of the 2018 Presidential Scholars competition. Two of them happen to be HHS students. They are, Devin Seyler and Emma Sihler. Congratulations to these great kids.
  • The bands at Helena High had a clean sweep of Superior ratings in prepared performance and sight reading at District Festival:

Jazz Band –Superior
2 Freshman Bands—Superior
Concert Band (Sophs)—Superior
Wind Symphony (Jr’s and Sr’s)  Superior
Almost 40 entrees for solo and ensemble

  • It was almost a clean sweep by HHS at this year’s Youth Electrum at the Holter museum of art. Great recognition of our kids and teachers in our art department.

1st prize painting /drawing:  Hailey Steeger- Untitled
Honorable mention sculpture: Katlyn Jablonski- Chair
1st prize photography:  Shirley Reinbolt- Too Pretty to be Gay
Honorable mention photography: Aubry Irwin- 60’s Revisited
1st prize ceramics: Eli Nelson – Disturbed
Honorable mention ceramics: Dustin Powell- Series
Juror’s Award: Emma Niederstout- Floral Lungs on Scratchboard

  • Congratulations to our three-time State Championship Envirothon team!  HHS seniors Devin Seyler, Claudia Downing, Emma Beaver and Tayor White and junior Janell Swanson took first place in Aquatics, second place in Forestry, first place in the current issue presentation and first place overall out of the 30 teams who competed yesterday.  They were awarded medals, plaques and a $500 scholarship for each student.  The HHS team qualified to represent Montana at the National Envirothon July 22-28 in Pocatello, Idaho.  The HHS B team took 18th place.
  • Mathilda Inman, a HHS sophomore, has been awarded this scholarship by the United States State Department.  This summer, for 6 weeks,  she will be studying ballet at the world famous Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow and studying Russian at the same time!

Here are a few of the program details:
NSLI-Y is part of a U.S. government initiative that prepares American citizens to be leaders in a global world. Now more than ever, it is important that Americans have the necessary linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to promote international dialogue and support American engagement abroad. NSLI-Y aims to provide opportunities to American youth that will spark a lifetime interest in foreign languages and cultures.

April 23, 2018

Be sure to check out this year’s Youth Electrum to see the amazing art work by our kids on display at the Holter Museum.

Congratulations to the recognition our students received at the recent district music festival:

Concert Orchestra:
Prepared – Judge 1 – 2 Excellent
Judge 2 – 2 Excellent

Sight-reading – 1 Superior

Chamber Orchestra:
Prepared – Judge 1 – 1 Superior
Judge 2 – 1 Superior

Sight-reading – 1 superior

Solos and ensembles:

1’s – Superior Rating
Owen Cleary – Violin Solo, Cello/Violin Solo
HHS Chamber Quartet
Fischer Friend – Cello Solo

HHS Chamber Quartet
Zoe McBride – Bass Solo
Celia Quintana – Viola Solo, Violin Solo

Cello/Viola Solo
Alyson Rake – Viola Solo
Brynja Severtson – Violin Solo, HHS Chamber

Sonja Severtson – Violin Solo
Rebecca Snow – Violin Solo
Jessica Strock – Violin Solo
Bella Summers – Cello Solo
Lenny Triem – Cello Solo, Cello/Viola Solo

HHS Chamber Quartet
2’s – Excellent Rating
Anastiasa Christianson – Bass Solo, Bass/Cello

Owen Cleary – HHS Chamber Sextet
Kelson Demmons – Cello Solo
Fischer Friend – Cello Duet, HHS Chamber Sextet
Adriana Kent – HHS Concert Quintet
Max Lashley – Cello Solo
Morgan Oie – Violin Solo, Violin Duet
Celia Quintana – Viola Duet, HHS Chamber Trio
Alyson Rake – Viola Duet, HHS Chamber Sextet
Franny Redpath – HHS Concert Quintet
Jillian Richards – Viola Solo
Pilar Santos – Cello Solo, Cello Duet 1,

Cello Duet 2
Elijah Scheinz – Violin Solo, HHS Chamber Sextet
Brynja Severtson – Violin Duet 2, HHS Chamber

Sonja Severtson – Violin Duet, Violin Duet 2
HHS Chamber Trio
HHS Chamber Sextet
Elena Skibicki – Cello Solo, Bass/Cello Duet
HHS Chamber Trio
Kennedi Steinagel – Violin Solo, HHS Concert

Danielle Steinmetz – Cello Duet
Nicole Stine – Cello Solo
Bella Summers – Cello Duet 2, HHS Concert

Lenny Triem – Cello Duet
Marlee Watson – HHS Concert Quintet
Hannah Weedman – Viola Solo
Jasmine Wilkerson – Violin Solo

3’s – Good Rating
Kiera Sumner – Violin Solo

33/35—Superior Rating (1)
34/35—Superior Rating (1)

23/25—Superior Rating (1)

Women’s Choir:
33/35—Superior Rating (1)29/35—Excellent Rating (2)

24/25—Superior Rating (1)

Men’s Choir:
23/35—Good Rating (3)
28/35—Excellent Rating (2)

17/25—Excellent Rating (2)

33/35—Superior Rating (1)
35/35—Superior Rating (1)

25/25—Superior Rating (1)

Philharmonic was told they were the best readers of the day. So much so that they read it through at the most difficult level the second time through. Such a neat experience!

35/35—Superior Rating (1)
35/35—Superior Rating (1)

23/25—Superior Rating (1)

PERFECT SCORES?!?!?! They were their typical amazing selves and blew the judges away. They could not believe their mature vocal technique and were blown away by their stage presence and overall performance. They said we should record them and send it out to all women’s choirs around the country so they can see what they should sound and look like when they sing. It was incredibly cool to see these girls get the credit they deserve.

Students receiving a Superior Rating (1) and the opportunity to perform at State Music Festival:

-Azaria Evans
-Sonja Severtson
-Severtson Trio (Anja, Brynja, Sonja)
-Sam Sullivan
-Madison Glass
-Aryn Terrio
-Elsie Harrington
-Annika Johnson
-JT Franklin
-Emma Ackerman
-Christiana Holland
-Jada Pierson
-Alyson Rake
-Sarah Sizemore-Sizemore/Scott Duet (Sarah Sizemore, Melina Scott)

Students receiving an Excellent Rating (2): These students were all very close to a Superior Rating

-Emma Rausch
-Sara Betz
-Rylee Reynolds
– Andy Fuehrer

April 9, 2018

Congratulations to Coach Linda Paull and her induction to the Montana Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to Bryndon Wilkerson, Elizabeth Rigby and Mariah Thompson as they were winners in Carroll College’s annual NCWIT – National Center for Women and Information Technology.  Bryndon is a 3 time state winner!  There will be a press release in the Monday edition of the IR.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Montana State University System Scholarship: Audrey Barber, Hanna Dartman, Konnor Donaldson, Dane Rieger, Elizabeth Rigby, Gunter Roylance, Meriwether Schroer-Smith, Alexander Seburn, Emma Sihler, Haley Wright.

Congratulations to our two Mock Trial teams that competed in the Idaho state competition in Boise, Idaho before spring break. The A team placed 6th at the competition. The B team placed 10th out of 12 teams.  In addition, the following individual efforts were recognized:

Aurora Boutin – Outstanding Attorney
Jordan Straub – Outstanding Attorney
Aurora Boutin – Outstanding Witness

This week is National Assistant Principals week. I want to recognize the significant role our APs play in the overall academic achievement and support of our Helena High students. Willie, Gabby and Steph, thank you for your dedication, long hours in and out of the school day, supporting our kids, teachers, coaches and support staff. I am so grateful for your efforts.

March 27, 2018

Congratulations to Jude Roberts!  Jude is the only semifinalist from HHS for the USA Biology Olympiad competition.  He scored in the top 10% in the nation on the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) test and will be competing in April for a place in the National Biology Olympaid this summer at Purdue University.


March 19, 2018

Congratulations to all of our educators that were selected as distinguished educators. The complete list of scholars, achievers and educators is below.

The Helena Education Foundation congratulates the 2018
Distinguished Students and Distinguished Educators

Distinguished Students:                             Distinguished Educators:

Hannah Dreesbach, CHS                               Jodi Delaney, Broadwater
Lillian Mitchell, CHS                                       Genevieve Anderson, CHS
Rachel Baranek, CHS                                     Susan Baranek, CHS
DeLaney Knudson, CHS                                 Helen Bosch, CHS
Ciara Apodaca, CHS                                       Cory Chenoweth, Upward Bound
Hanna Dartman, HHS                                    Susan Bartels, HHS
Alexander Seburn, HHS                                 Clay Burkett, HHS
Makenzi Long, HHS                                         Mike Agostinelli, EVMS
Kyer Frederick, CHS                                        Sandy Jones, Four Georgians
Jessica Maynard, CHS                                     Dennis Peterson, CHS
Celina Sanchez, CHS                                        Tanner Duncan, CHS
Dane Rieger, HHS                                             Scott Evans, HHS
Tye Cumley, HHS                                              Cindy Galbavy, HHS
Grace Ludlow, CHS                                          Kathryn Haddock, CRA
Meghan Robinson, CHS                                  Leslie Hagengruber, CRA
Konnor Donaldson, HHS                                John George, HHS
William DuBray, HHS                                      Jeff Sykes, HHS
Emma Sihler, HHS                                            Julie Ladd, HHS
Shelly Charles, PAL                                          Renee Driessen, PAL
Devin Seyler, HHS                                            Ted Polette, Clancy, Retired
Lové Howe, HHS                                               Joan Leik, HHS
Hunter Boles, CHS                                           Kent Haab, CHS
Connor Poppe, CHS                                         Ryan Hanson, CHS
Elliott Pryor, CHS                                             DeLacey Humbert, CHS
Marie Curtis, CHS                                            Kevin Cleary, CRA
Jake Bubb, CHS                                                Ed Darfler, CHS, Retired
Konner McKay, HHS                                       Michelle Johnson, HMS
Abby Stiffler, CHS                                           Sid Burgess, Hawthorne, Retired
Christopher Bokovoy, HHS                          Rob Loveridge, HHS
Jake Michaletz, CHS                                       Henry Langreder, CHS
Anna Romero, CHS                                         Rebecca Leaphart, CHS
Elizabeth Rigby, HHS                                     Andrew Roberts, HMS
Samantha Matteucci, HHS                          Patty Buckley, Radley
Elementary, Retired
Audrey Barber, HHS                                      Emily Petrik, HHS
Gage Pierson, HHS                                         Ty Ridgeway, EVMS
Asher Easterby, CHS                                      Bob Pearce, CHS
Jaskrit Singh, CHS                                           Duane Zehr, CHS
Damen Ingolia, PAL                                        Emily Currier, CRA
Francie Tupper, CHS                                      Matt Lyng, CHS
Emily Burke, CHS                                            Jay Partridge, CHS
Hannah Rohrer-Fitzhugh, CHS                    Karry Hauck, Four Georgians,                                                                                            Retired
Gunter Roylance, HHS                                   Don Pogreba, HHS
Kelsey Soltis, HHS                                           Samantha Humphrey, HHS
Bryndon Wilkerson, HHS                              Kara Nelson, MT City
Sarah Swingley, CHS                                      Christina Sieminski, CHS
Cody Tofflemire, CHS                                     Sarah Urban, CHS
Alana Tonidandel, CHS                                  Amy VanDam, CHS
Meriwether Schroer-Smith, HHS                Rich Wirak, Jefferson, Retired
Leanna Markovics, HHS                                Ryan Schulte, HHS
Andrew Bugni, CHS                                        Jim Weber, CHS
Mackenna Schmolke, HHS                           Jonna Schwartz, HHS
Aloura Tyler, HHS                                           Molly Steele, HHS

Congratulations to sophomore Emily Ellis. Emily is part of the robotics team that competed in Spokane, WA. Emily’s team has qualified for the World championships to be held in Houston, TX next month.

Congratulations to HHS junior Lexi Carson. Lexi qualified for the state gymnastics meet held in Billings this past weekend.

March 12, 2018

Congratulations to our HHS students that have been recognized as Helena Education Foundation distinguished Scholars and Achievers.

  • Devin Seyler    Scholar
  • Emma Sihler    Scholar
  • Aloura Tyler      Scholar
  • Bryndon Wilkerson Scholar
  • William DuBray  Achiever
  • Samantha Matteucci  Achiever
  • Tye Cumley  Achiever
  • Gage Pierson  Achiever
  • Kelsey Soltis  Achiever
  • Konner McKay  Achiever
  • Love Howe  Achiever
  • Mackenna Schmolke  Achiever
  • Makenzi Long  Achiever

Congratulations to our Girls Basketball State Champions. The girls defeated the very good Missoula Sentinel Spartans  53-49 Saturday night in Billings. Great season Coach Peterson and his staff and team!

March 11, 2018 – Helena IR

The Helena High girl’s basketball team won their second straight AA state title. Here’s a look back at their year. 

Congratulations to our HHS Science Bowl Team. Our Science Bowl team won the Big Sky Regional Competition at the MSU-Billings Campus on Saturday evening. They qualified for an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. April 26-28. Team members include Nathan Kynett, Carson Putnam, Elizabeth Rigby, Devin Seyler, Mariah Thompson. Thanks to Jan Hill and Julie Ladd for coaching these kids.

February 27, 2018

Congratulations to James Blanchard, Gunter Roylance, and Chris Bokovoy on their selection to Montana’s World Team Debate at the 2018 Speech and Debate Nationals. The five person team is made up of students from different Montana schools who compete together in a debate style that alternates between prepared topics and extemporaneous topics.

February 20, 2018

Congratulations to our three National Merit Finalists announced last week. They are, Adam Hagengruber, Devin Seyler, and Sean Tuttle.

Congratulations to Amanda Klein, placing 6th at the regional Poetry Out Loud competition in Butte this weekend. Amanda advances to the state competition.

February 12, 2018

Congratulations to Bengal Boys Soccer Coach Carl Straub for being named as a finalist for National Coach of the Year by the National High School Coaches Association. Coach Straub has advanced as one of 8 finalists for the 2018 NHSACA National COTY and at this time the 8 finalists’ nomination forms are being evaluated to determine the national coach of the year. This is a great honor and recognition of the outstanding accomplishments, not only of coach Straub but for the entire coaching staff, athletes, athletic department, school and community over a period of many years. Good luck Coach Straub!

In case you missed it, last week was National School Counselors Week. Please help me in thanking Chrissy, Ashten, Jaime, Jason, Ellaina and Kelly for their incredible dedication and impact on student success.

Congratulations once again to our Presidential Scholarship semi-finalists. They are: Konnor Donaldson, Devin Seyler, Emma Sihler, Elizabeth Rigby, and Sean Tuttle.

Congratulations to our finalists who will compete in the State Poetry Out Loud competition in Butte, America. Amanda Klein, Sami Zander, and Raina Shaw.

Congratulations to Dan Ruether – Affor who qualified for Nationals at this weekends Speech and Debate tournament. Dan qualified in Student Congressional Debate.

Congratulations also to:

  • James Blanchard is first alternate in Student Congress.
  • Auriana Kent is first alternate in Humorous Interpretation.
  • Sean Manners is second alternate in Congress.
  • Samantha Noble, Gunter Roylance and Eli Mohler were semifinalists.

But moreover- the combined effort of the HHS team led Helena High to be awarded the coveted NSDA Cumulative Tournament Sweepstakes Trophy. This award is determined by number of points received at the NSDA Qualifier tournaments over the course of five years. Points are awarded for every student that competes and every round of competition.

Congratulations to our two time defending state wrestling champion, Isaac Romero. Isaac captured the 113 pound title at this weekends state tournament in Billings. Isaac finished the season at 38-3. Senior Austin Murphy finished as the state runner-up at 126 lbs. Austin finished the season at 34-12 and has a career record of 104-55.

Congratulations to our boys (4th place) and girls (7th place) swim teams at this weekends state meet in Great Falls.

  • Boys 200 yd. medley relay – 3rd.
  • Fanny Redpath – 4th place – girls 200 yard IM.
  • Emma Krattiger – 6th place – girls 50 yard freestyle.
  • Fanny Redpath – 2nd place – girls 100 yard butterfly.
  • Robert Wagner – 2nd place – boys 100 yard butterfly.
  • Christion Goetsch – 5th place – boys 500 yard freestyle.
  • Boys 200 yard freestyle relay – 6th place.
  • Robert Wagner – 4th place – boys 100 yard backstroke.
  • Parker Keller – 3rd place – boys 100 yard breaststroke.

Congratulations to our Mock Trial teams as they competed in Idaho over the weekend. Helena High sent three teams to the Mock Trial regional in Pocatello where they competed with 7 teams. Only 3 teams from regionals go to state in Boise and HHS qualified two teams for the state competition.

Individual award:
Outstanding Attorney Awards

  • Jordan Straub
  • Grace Johnson
  • Sage Eck-Miller

Outstanding Witness

  • Morgan Hill
  • Jordan Betz
  • Dakota Franklin
  • Ivan Kloberdanz
  • Aurora Boutin


Congrats to our Helena High School students

Congratulations to Coach Linda Paull and the Girls Cross Country team. Mrs. Paull’s team was recognized by the Montana High School Association and the Army National Guard for having the highest AA team GPA in Girls AA Cross Country. The Varsity team held a 3.88 team GPA.

January 29, 2018

Congratulations to Bryndon Wilkerson, Elizabeth Rigby and Mariah Thompson. These three were selected as winners in the Montana NCWIT Aspirations in Computing contest.

The National Center for Women and Information Technology, or NCWIT, is a coalition that works to increase diversity in IT and computing.  NCWIT believes that greater diversity will create a larger and more competitive workforce, and promote the design of technology that is as broad and innovative as the population it serves.  NCWIT focuses on improving diversity across the entire spectrum: K-12 through college education, and on to academic, corporate and entrepreneurial careers.

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing honors young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests.  Awardees are selected for their computing and IT aptitude, leadership ability, academic history, and plans for post-secondary education.

In addition, Bryndon gave a great speech in conjunction with Governor Bullock’s visit to HHS where he signed an executive order, breaking with the FCC mandate on Net Neutrality.

January 22, 2018


Congratulations to the first place team in the crosstown weld-off. 1st Place – from Helena High School Tyson Smith, Katlyn Jablonski, Tye Cumley, Gabe Salvitti. Thanks to our welding staff for hosting this event – Cindy, Greg and Jake.




December 27, 2017

Congratulations to the HHS Speech & Debate Team for capturing 1st place in the AA School Sweepstakes at the Hamilton Speech and Debate Invitational Tournament.

  • Caitlyn Sena and Tamara O’Leary – 1st place in Public Form Debate.
  • Chris Bokovoy – 1st place in Original Oratory.
  • Rebecca Bryan – 1st place in Dramatic Interpretation; 5th place in Memorized Public Address.
  • Gunter Roylance – 3rd place in Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • Auriana Kent – 4th place in Humorous Interpretation.
  • Dan Ruether-Affor – 5th place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate.
  • Hannah Muszkiewicz – 6th place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate.
  • Macey Smith – semifinalist in Impromptu.
  • Eli Mohler – semifinalist in Extemporaneous Speaking and Memorized Public Address.
  • James Blanchard – semifinalist in Extemporaneous speaking.
  • Samantha Noble – semifinalist in Dramatic Interpretation.

Monday – November 27

Congratulations to our defending State Champion Science Olympiad team. Great news out of Bozeman!








Tuesday – Sept 5 – Congratulations to the following students for their selection to All-State choir:  Aryn Terrio, Colin Nielson, Christina Holland, Emma Ackerman, Halley Grebenc, Hailey Johnston, Ethan Bowen, Rachel Martorana, Mae Halliday

Welcome back to a new school year, 2017-2018. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer break with lots of rest and opportunities to enjoy numerous activities with friends and family. I am looking forward to an exciting, productive and successful school year.

While we were having a well-deserved rest, many people have been very busy preparing the school for the new school year. My thanks to our custodial and maintenance staff who have been hard at work cleaning the building, waxing the floors and fixing our building.  As usual, they have done an excellent job! Our school sparkles and we need to try our best to keep it that way.

I continue to be inspired by the dedicated staff and families in this school community. Helena High is a school where students are supported and encouraged to grow in all areas- academically, socially and emotionally. I am fortunate to be a part of this high-quality learning community, and I speak on behalf of the entire staff when I say we are excited to have each of our students.  It takes all of us to help each and every student to reach his/her potential, and we look forward to sharing in your student’s learning experiences.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunities that exist at Helena High School this year! Be Involved, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Graduate.

#Go Bengals!

Get Connected!  Yep, there’s an app for that! Check out our Helena High app in Google Play or the App Store for iPhones. Access phone numbers, calendars, schedules, announcements and much, much more! There is information for both parents and students, so make sure your son or daughter knows about it, too!  PoerSchool Links, School Calendar, Daily Schedules, Events Calendar, School News, Game Themes, Appointments with Counselors, HHS Map, Directions to AA Schools, Clubs Information, Staff Directory and so much more!








Parent Link meeting  

Parents – this is your opportunity to meet and talk with Principal Thennis. These meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at noon in the Helena High School Library. This is your time to get to know Helena High school and get answers from me – the Principal.