Bengal Booster Club

The HHS Booster Club is a group of volunteers of parents, faculty, coaches, alumni, and community members who support HHS.  Our mission is to help support our student athletes and club members in promoting school spirit and enhance the overall experience at HHS!  By raising fund through sponsorship donations, 50/50 ticket sales at games the Booster Club can sponsor numerous activities and special projects.  Our goal is to provide funding for activities and projects that directly benefit our students.

Activity Sponsorship-Booster Club assists extracurricular activities with funding for club sponsorship, team posters/schedules and end of season banquets.  We will be enforcing the requirements of having at least 1 parent representative for each of the various activities that anticipates they will be seeking funding from the Boosters during the year.  The representative doesn’t need to be the same parent or coach at each meeting, but there needs to be someone at each meeting to serve as a communicator between parents, coaching staff, and the club by attending monthly meetings and volunteering with 50/50 ticket and gear sales.

Special Projects- Annual major projects are undertaken to provide funding for items that are not included in school or team budgets.  In the past, the Booster Club has purchased physical therapy equipment, track and field equipment, football equipment, water fountain for fine arts, spirit flags, mascot costume and we have goals to assist much, much more!!

Hall of Fame- The HHS Hall of Fame, located in the main hallway outside of the gym, honors those Helena High athletes and teams that achieve success at the state championship level.  The Booster Club provides funding for plaque engraving, photography, and various supplies to maintain the hallway.

The HHS Booster Club is open to all supporters of HHS activities.  We would love your ideas, support and presence at our monthly meetings which are held the second Monday of every month at 5:30pm in the HHS library.

Our website with donation sponsorship information, Bengal gear sales, forms to request assistance with an activity or for banquets, and lots more can be found right here,


Anne Rainey, President

Lexsey Carpenter, Secretary

Amy Ott, Treasurer