Daily Bulletin

January 28, 2020

Bengal Activities this Week:

01/30 JV/Varsity Wrestling @ Glacier – 3:30 pm
JV Varsity Wrestling @ Flathead – 5:30 pm
1/31 Crosstown Swim @ YMCA – 4 pm
S/JV/Var BBB vs Glacier @ HHS – 4/5:30/7:15 pm
Frosh BBB vs Glacier @ Bryant – 4:30 pm
GBB @ Glacier – 4/5:30/7:15 pm
Speech & Debate @ State in Bozeman
2/1 BBB vs Flathead @ HHS – 9:30/11/12:30/2
GBB @ Flathead 10/11:30/1 pm

Helena High School American Welding Society Club held its 8th annual “Weld-Off” against Capital High School on January 23rd. Students dug through scrap metal, chose pieces that would work for their project, then designed and welded the project in four hours. The students showed great creativity and sportsmanship. Congratulations to all the students and the winners from Helena High and Capital. Thank you for making the “Weld-Off” such a great success. The 1st place team from HHS was Byren Stoner, Colin Neilson, Luke Ronan, and Makenna Wofford. The 3rd Place team from HHS was Dillon Ostberg, Alex Ogle, Ava Ogle, and Koner Schmolke. We would like to thank all of the local business that supported the HHS AWS “Weld-Off”.

Calling all students who are 16-19 years old. Are you looking for a summer job? Want to build your resume, get experience, earn money, and receive paid training? Helena Summer Jobs Program may be the answer. Listen for more information in the announcements. Have questions? Stop by the counseling center.

The HHS Indian Ed Department and the Federal Reserve Bank-Helena Branch are inviting all students who identify as American Indian/Alaska Native/Hawaiian Native to participate in the 7th Annual Federal Reserve Bank Outreach Program. The first of three seminars is 5th period this Wed, Jan 29th. At the end of the program there will be a field trip to the bank and graduating seniors will have the opportunity to apply for a paid summer internship at the FED. Please see Ms. Johnson in rm 23A or Mrs. Strietzel in the Counseling office to sign up for this Wednesday.

Support your local teen talent and come see an amazing show!! Night to Shine Tickets are now on sale at the Civic Center!!



3-7-77 Wednesday Lunch Rm 38 First Wednesday of the month.
Art Club Wednesday Lunch Rm 49
AWS Wednesday Lunch Rm 300
Bengal BBQ Monday Lunch Rm 25 2nd & 4th Monday
BPA Tuesday Lunch Rm 6
Choir Club Wednesday Lunch Rm 54
Comic Card Club (C3) Daily Lunch Rm 59 No meeting on Wednesday
Deca Wednesday Lunch Rm 307
Drafting Club Thursday Lunch Rm 306
Envirothon Thursday Lunch Rm 214
FCA Tuesday Lunch Rm 27
French Wednesday Lunch Rm 17
GSA Alliance Thursday Lunch Rm 14
Green Group Thursday Lunch Rm 32
Guitar Club Wednesday Lunch Rm 46
Harry Potter Club Wednesday Lunch Rm 4
Hosa Monday Lunch Rm 210
Key Club Thursday Lunch Rm 207 1st & 3rd Thursday;1st Meeting 9/19
Key Club Thursday Lunch Rm 207 1st & 3rd Thursday

Knitting Club Thursday Lunch Rm 215
Latin Club Thursday Lunch Rm 10
MBI Wednesday Lunch Rm 26
Mock Trial Thursday 6-8 pm Rm 5 November Until March
Mock Trial Tuesday 3-5 pm Rm 5 November Until March
Mountain Bike Club Wednesday 3:45pm Rm 215 Fall and Spring
Niceness is Priceless Thursday Lunch Rm 15
Orchestra Club Monday Lunch Rm 53A
Outdoor Club Friday Lunch Rm 213
Premier League Club Thursday Lunch Rm 8
Pure Performance Thursday Lunch Rd 42 1lst and 3rd Thursday of Month
Rock Band Club Thursday Lunch 53A
Science Bowl Mon &Wed Lunch Rm 60 Frequency increases with time.
Science Club Tuesday Lunch Rm 214
Skills USA Thursday Lunch Rm 304
Spanish Club Wednesday Lunch Rm 9
Spirit Club Tuesday Room 31 lst & 3rd Tuesday of Month
Speech & Debate Mon – Thurs After Sch. Varies Rms. 14,26,27,29/depends on events
Student Council Daily 2nd Per. Rm 24
Student Library Club Monday Lunch TLC 1st & 3rd Monday
Thespian Club Tuesday Lunch Theater 2nd Tuesday of Month
Travel Club Tuesday Lunch Rm 26
Ukulele Club Monday Lunch Choir Rm

Catty Shack Specials:

Mondays- Steffano’s Sandwiches for $4. Little Caesars Crazy Bread for $2.00.
Tuesday- Panda Express for $6.50.
Wednesday- Suds Hut Chicken & JoJo’s $5.00 or Taco in a Bag $3.00
Thursday- Buffalo Wild Wings $5.00 & Thirsty Thursday Fountain Pop $.75
Friday – Costco Pizza – $2 per slice.