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Alternatives to 4-year schools: Trade apprenticeships, military careers, and 2-year schools

A 4-year college is not the only type of education available to you after high school. Learn more about the options available below!

Trades & Apprenticeships

If you aren’t interested in going to a four-year college or university, but do want to continue your education after high school and work towards a career, then consider an apprenticeship program. There are many advantages to an apprenticeship: you will get paid for your work for the duration of the program, there is job security upon completion of an apprenticeship program, and so much more.

Apprenticeship is the way for a young worker to be introduced to the skills of the trades, to adjust to the work, and to advance steadily in both skills and earnings. It combines working on the job under the supervision of skilled workers with related instruction in the classroom. No two apprenticeship programs and identical, as each is tailored to meet the needs of its craft and existing local conditions.

Our Trades & Apprenticeship page goes into detail about what these programs look like, and has information about the many different types of programs available to Montana students.

Other resources:


MCIS – Montana Career Information System

Click here to access the Montana Career Information System (MCIS)  to learn about careers, search for scholarships, apply to colleges, financial aid information, and more.

MCIS username: helenahigh
MCIS password: plan7ing

Reach Higher Montana

Reach Higher Montana’s mission is to provide students and families with the knowledge and tools to finance and pursue their post secondary education. The organization does this by offering a range of programs that include grants, community outreach, counseling and training on education finance planning. Click here to access their website.

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