Athletic Training Club

BATC consist of students (grades 9-12) attending Helena High. Bengal student trainers meet one week before the first official practice in the fall. Some student trainer’s work with one sport team and others are involved in two or more seasons. The meeting schedule fluctuates as the sport schedule continually changes. Student trainers meet in the athletic training room daily during their sport season.

Students help injured athletes with injury rehabilitation, prophylactic and injury prevention taping and bracing. Many students help out with the coach’s managerial duties as well as work with administrative tasks in the Bengal Athletic Training room.

How to become a student trainer?

1. Talk to Mr. Cullen in the athletic training room

2. Mr. Cullen will check with coach of sport interest

  • Make sure there is a need for a student trainer or if they are full

What can a student take away from the trainer experience? Development of teamwork and interpersonal skills, Development of professionalism and confidentiality with coaches, piers and colleagues. Learning in a kinesthetic environment; using and building lifelong skills such as first aid, taping, assisting with on and off field evaluations. Students also have the opportunity to travel with sport teams to regular season and state playoffs and to be a great part in Bengal Pride!