Comic Card Club (C3)

Our name is the Comic Card Club (C3). Our ongoing mission: to give people who enjoy comic books, card games and other various hobbies to come and do what they love to do, in the company of others who enjoy their hobby and to introduce people to the hobby. Our activities include, but are not limited to, Magic the gathering, Anime, LARP (Live Action Role Play), Computer Gaming, and so much more. Our board goes as such, Mr. Day as our Chairman and supervisor, Justin Fleury as our President, Ian Kozak and Joshua Fuller as our Vice President, Andrew Cramer as our representative for live action role play, and Ian Kozak also as our Representative for magic the gathering. Our motto is as such, “Acceptance is gained through accepting others”. We meet every day in Room 59 EXCEPT WEDNESDAYS, with a once a month council meeting. Council discusses upcoming tournaments, issues and concerns within the club, as well as the future the club is heading.