Fine Art Department

Art and Photography

The atmosphere of a class in the Art Department is different from any other class in school. There is a relaxed feeling as students quietly and enthusiastically work at their own projects: pottery, jewelry, drawing, painting, sculpting, jewelry-making, and crafts. This studio atmosphere offers a break from the traditional classroom scene.

Music plays in the background in some art classes, and students busily go their own way, working in a number of creative areas. Lectures and demonstrations bring the class together on some days, and guest artists or audiovisual shows offer students a large group learning experience.

Art is an elective program at Helena High, and students can take one, two, three, four, or a number of years of art classes. Students with a serious interest can get into some highly in-depth artistic experiences. Many classes work on local shows and exhibits.

Photography, which focuses on creativity and relaxed yet dynamic art experiences, is also a part of this department.

With so many different kinds and levels of classes offered, the Art Department encourages all students to take at least one course and try their hand at a creative experience. Guaranteed to please!

music noteMusic

If singing, or playing an instrument is your thing, then music is the program for you! For those who enjoy singing, Chorus is the place to start. From there, girls and boys can audition for Philharmonic, Starlighters, or Ambiance. Performances both in and outside the school are the focus of all singing programs.

For the instrumentalist, there are also a number of exciting, varied opportunities at Helena High. Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Concert Orchestra and Chamber. Orchestra offer a broad range of musical choices, experiences, and performing styles. Auditions are required for most performance groups.

Music classes are all elective, but students are encouraged to get involved in some aspect of the arts and into some course in the program, which prides itself on building confidence and performance skills and success.

Follow these steps to get to our Music Department YouTube channel:

  • Go to
  • Type in ‚ÄúHelena High School Music Department‚ÄĚ
  • You will see our logo
  • Click on that channel
  • Click on the choir concert to begin watching
  • Here is the direct link to our channel. It currently has HHS Band and Orchestra concerts saved if you missed those!
  • This will be saved so if you miss it, you can watch it later!

theater masksTheater and Video

If you are an avid video junkie, an actor or interested in any of the many back stage jobs then the Theater/TV Department is the place for you. For those who enjoy acting the Theater department offers three levels of classes. Theater 1 which is a Broadview class with emphasis on the legitimate stage. Theater 2, which focuses on performing technique and creating an acting portfolio. Theater 3 focuses on performing and directing as well as continuing the student’s portfolio.

For the Technicians Technical Theater is a broad view of the jobs back stage. The course focuses on elementary stagecraft techniques in lighting sound and scene craft.

In video there are two levels. Basic video covers how to produce a video from scripting to shooting and editing. Students exit this class with a DVD portfolio of their work. Video Production produces the HHS daily news and shorts.