Track and Field – Girls

Full Schedule

Each athlete MUST have a completed physical form and signed concussion form before they can start practice. Bring the completed forms the first day. All required forms can be found on the Activities Home Page or on line. Information and fees are available here:



  1. THE ATHLETE MUST COMPLETE THE SEASON UNLESS INJURED OR EXCUSED BY THE HEAD COACH FOR PERSONAL OR HEALTH REASONS. Injured athletes are encouraged to complete the season as a manager or a student assistant coach.
  2. The athlete must attend all practices and meetings unless excused by the head coach.
  3. The athlete must be in good standing with the team and school.
  4. The athlete must have completed the season following the conduct required of a Bengal track athlete.
  5. Final decisions will be determined by the coaching staff and with the coaches’ discretion.

Varsity Letter Standards

  • 100m: 13.5
  • 200m: 28.0
  • 400m: 64.0
  • 800m: 2:35
  • 1600m: 5:50
  • 3200m: 12:40
  • 100m hurdles: 17.4
  • 300m hurdles: 51.0
  • Javelin: 100’
  • Shot put: 32’
  • Discus: 95’
  • Long jump: 15’
  • Triple jump: 32’
  • High jump: 4’10”
  • Pole vault: 9’
  • Relays: Place @ divisional meet