Soccer – Boys

Each athlete MUST have a completed physical form and signed concussion form before they can start practice. Bring the completed forms the first day. All required forms can be found on the Activities Home Page as well as the HHS Main Office. The cost is $80 for the first sport which includes the required activity ticket.

Tryouts:  Attendance each day is mandatory for all participants during tryouts.


All Practices held at Siebel Airport Fields unless specified!  Please be dressed and ready to play before the starting time.  We will start and finish on time so please plan accordingly.  You need to bring running shoes to every training session.

Friday August 30
3:40 – 5:30 pm all players
Team Dinner after practice for all players!

Please take a moment to read these important documents.
Bengal Code of Conduct
Bengal Soccer Lettering Expectations

Bengal Men’s Soccer Team Placement
Expectations and Information Fall 2019

Be emotionally and mentally ready to play!

Eliminate Distractions in practice and games, stay emotionally regulated, be Confident, have NO FEAR of anyone or any team!

Never put your teammates down, make them better with encouragement.

Give your full focus to the practice and or game.

Action before outcome, use positive imagery and voice when preparing to play and when playing.

Love the game and find JOY with every practice and match!

Sleep 8 hours and eat well so you can “Bring it!” every single moment!

Team Placement Policy and Criteria:

Team placement starts on Friday August 10th and will last 4 days. A total of 8 practices over 4 days will be used to evaluate each player based on the following pillars of Soccer:

Character, Technical Skill, Tactical Skill, Speed, Fitness, Toughness, & Coachability

Each player will receive a score of 0 – 10 for each area by each coach.  The players will be evaluated based on how they perform in each area compared to the other players combined with the best accepted soccer standard for each area.  The scores will be added and averaged, and coaches will discuss each players attribute to determine which players will be placed on Varsity and which will be JV/Froshmore.  The JV/Froshmore team will practice together and the coach will name a Junior Varsity Team and Froshmore team before the first match.  This placement may change throughout the season even game by game based on performance and character.  Varsity placement will not change; however, the coach may move a player up from JV/Froshmore team at any point in the season.

If you have any questions, please contact Carl Straub at:


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