Transcript Request (Parchment)

As a Helena High School student you can request a transcript be sent to colleges/universities.  Transcripts are sent electronically through a service called Parchment.  Each senior has been given a unique registration code. (Although it is possible to set-up an account without one.)  This is a service provided free of charge as long as you are a Helena High School student.  Seniors have until August 1 of their graduating year to order without a fee.

***Please note that if you need transcripts for scholarship applications plan on continuing to request them through the counseling office.  You’ll find that most require transcripts as one of many parts to the application, and those materials are required to be submitted together and in a particular order.

Parchment Registration

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Electronic Transcript Request Process

Students should register online at to send their transcripts via the web.

  • Click Create Account and complete required information (i.e. name, date of birth)  
  • Enter your email address and select a password. Do not use your school email address as once you graduate – it is deleted.  
  • Required confirmation code will be sent to your email.
  • Complete contact information (i.e. address)
  • Check box to agree to terms of use and service agreement.
  • Check Yes or No for College Scholarships, Discover Me and future information from Parchment. Click sign up if interested.
  • Click Continue to add your school to Parchment account (Helena High School).
  • All transcript requests for current students will be free of charge until August 1st of their graduation year. Alumni will be charged a $8.50 processing fee for each transcript request.
  • If you request a copy to be mailed to you for an additional cost.
  • Note to Alumni – Please remember to use your graduation name, i.e. maiden name, etc.
  • Watch the video here.